[BUG] Package builder doesn't generate layout & manifest files

When changing FolderName to something other than Packages, building the
package doesn’t generate a layout and manifest file. If pointed at Packages,
through, everything builds fine. That’s done through the in-sim UI.

Hi @SWS-AlexVletsas , I tested it in SU10
and it works fine Do you have any error or warning in the console? Regards,

No errors or warnings. This was done with SU9.

Ok, Can you show me via a screenshot where exactly you change your folder name

This is my main project.xml file. I changed the FolderName property to
PackagesXbox to be able to export to a separate

Within the main project
folder are two main project.xml files: one for the PC version which exports
into Packages and an Xbox project. They share the same PackageSources but use
different PackageDefinitions.

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas Both me and Boris failed to produce the error you
mentioned using a similar setup. Maybe this caused by something specific to
your package definition files. Any chance you can give us access to your
package? Regards, Sylvain

@SWS-AlexVletsas We tested the build
process with the Steam / MS Store version (SU9 and SU10) and everything worked
as expected. Can you try to delete all _PackageInt* and Packages* folders and
recompile them? We suspect you have some errors in a packageInt folder or in a
package definitions xml. Regards, Boris