[BUG] Scenery | Trees/Vegetation disappear upon building project

Latest SDK, you build/export a project and it removes 75% of your pre-
generated trees/vegetation. Trees are supposed to be here but are gone for
some reason.

  • All Trees/Vegetation settings are set to High so upon loading the game up again to view the built project the vegetation should appear but it doesn’t.
  • I have 0 polygons in the nearby radius that removes Trees/Vegetation.

Showing in Build:

Showing in
Editor: Repo: N/A, I haven’t
found a way to replicate this yet.

Bumping post, don’t know if any addressed if this is a known issue or not.

Hi @azgoodaz, Can you send me your project please ?
crash/77) Regards, Boris

Where you able to look into the project and see what is causing this issue?

Hi @azgoodaz , We are still trying to understand what’s going on here I made a
project from scratch but I didn’t reproduce the issue on it I will keep you
updated :wink: Regards, Boris

Hi @azgoodaz , I was able to reproduce the issue and a dev will investigate
Regards, Boris

Ooo, perfect. Glad that you were able to replicate it. I still have no idea
what’s causing the issue, I removed everything in my community folder and left
this built project in and still nothing. Haha Thank you again

As an update, this issue still occurs on Sim Update 10 with the latest SDK (

Hello @azgoodaz , After investigation it seems that it is related to the type
of surface of the material positioned on the appron so, in your case, “Erase
Grass” for the material “Taxi Grass”. This system is linked to the generation
of trees so we can’t do much. However, you can add a vegetation polygon and
change the surface of your Apron for GrassGround06 for example. Regards, Boris

I couldn’t find “Erase Grass” in any of the aprons. As a test I did change the
texture from Taxi Grass to GrassGround06 although upon building the project
the trees/vegetation doesn’t appear.