[BUG] SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList - Airport List Problem

Hi, Since SU8 the SimConnect_RequestFacilitiesList function now returns the
correct list of airports when loaded through the Community folder. However,
this only happens for the initial flight after loading the sim. When ending a
flight and starting another, the list doesn’t include the airports in the
immediate area (anecdotally it looks like the pre-SU8 list format). Also, when
a wasm is loaded via the DevMode, the list also reverts to its pre-SU8 state
(which really, really adds to the dev time as I can only test code by
reloading the sim each and every time).

SU9? we are still on SU8… typo? :slight_smile:

Yes. Amended. Thanks

Ok, sorry for missing this. We’ll run some additional tests in the conditions
you mentioned.

Hello @RichSlaterJF Just tested using this function both in a standalone
module and a gauge and never encountered the issues you mentioned. I get a
list of around 40000 airports every time I request it, even after going back
to main menu and starting a different flight. Behaviour in DevMode is also as
expected, any modification of the PackageSources wasm file is applied when
building the package and the list is correct there as well. Are you doing the
request in a standalone module or a gauge? When are you calling this request
function? Regards, Sylvain