[BUG] Tail Number doesn't load from .FLT

When you edit the .FLT, under [Sim.0], there is a field where you can set the
tail number, but it doesn’t have any effect. When you load the flight, the
plane uses the last tail number set by the user in the worldmap. This means
you can’t set a specific tail number for your mission, and the tail number
that is used may not make sense (e.g. wrong country, invalid number). This bug
has been present for over a year. Of course it doesn’t have a high priority,
just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Hello @Mr_LiamT , Thanks for reporting this, I have created a ticket on our
side. However, I am not able to give you an ETA for a fix, Regards, Boris

Thank you! It’s just nice to have but not that important

@Boris I discovered this bug also happens with the ‘AirlineCallSign’ and