[BUG] TimelineAction doesn't work

I can’t get the TimelineAction to work. This is the code I would expect to
work: The TimelineAction gets triggered by a proximity trigger. Then, after 1
second, it should flash the screen (FadeToColorAction).

                N41° 8' 37.02",W8° 37' 40.49",+0.000

It just doesn’t fire the trigger and appears to be not functional at all. I’m
using version

HI @Mr_LiamT, Is the trigger not fired, or is the EnterAction not executed?
Did you try to add another action (DialogAction) to check whether the trigger
was fired or not? With your ProxyTrigger you have to hit the point very
precisely. I also made the experience, if an axis (length or width) in the
ProximityTrigger is 0, the EnterAction is not called. Therefore I have set
this to at least 10m. Try to add the following to the RectangleArea and check
if you fly into it by turning on the WorldObjects in DevMode. The box of the
area will then turn blue.


In your use-case, you can also define an additional 1 second TimerTrigger that
is activated via an ObjectActivationAction when the area is reached, and the
TrimerTrigger then calls the FadeToColorAction.

I tested a bit more, and the problem is definitely the TimelineAction. For now
I will use your suggestion with TimerTriggers, but the TimelineAction should
be really handy for more elaborate sequences.

@FlyingRaccoon can we have an example of TimelineAction in the documentation
(and a fix of course)? My assumption was that unlike TimerTriggers you could
use a TimelineAction to say execute X action at 11:30:00 UTC etc. Is that

I think the TimelineAction starts counting when you fire the action, so it’s
not really related to world time

Ok Thanks. I’ll raise a new request to see if there’s anything that can do
this. We had/have it in the old BGL schedules.