BUG: Toolbar panel/app font size in VR [SU12 Beta]

Hi I am the developer of VSR.software; this loads an external page from a
server in an iframe in a toolbar app/panel. When switching to VR in SU12 BETA
the window zoom changes and the fonts are now too small to read; this not not
affect the non VR environment. I note that the same happens to the Navigraph
tool bar panel, they have a workaround as they can increase the page zoom for
VR. Is this is a known bug; or a fix to a previous anomaly? Will I need to
develop around it using a custom window zoom for VR, or will it be fixed? If
this is the case then please advise the property to determine whether VR is
active? Thanks

Hello @daveblackuk , Maybe you can try to make the font size responsive using
viewport width (style="font-size:8vw) in you tabulator css. Also you can use :
g_externalVariables.vrMode or window.globalVars.vrMode (in your JS) to
know if the VR is enabled (it will return true). Regards, Boris

Thanks, I’ve already coded using the vrMode var. and resized the window using
the viewport However the fonts in the iframe are tiny in VR, and I needed to
do a transform with element.style.transform = translate(x,y) Setting
different values for x & y based upon VR and non VR environments - Is this a
permanent change/feature or is it bug as this will affect lots of add-ons that
load content via an iframe?