[BUG] VStab and HStab shaping algorithm

Hello, How are exactly calculated the root and tip chord of both the
horizontal and vertical stabilizers? Seeing that no root chord is set in the
config file, I understand the algorithm is different than the one given for
the wing in the Flight Model Physics section of the SDK. However, when using
real dimensions, the shape is wrongly interpreted and give as a result two
triangles opposed by a common point, as can be seen in the screenshot below:

In red, the leading edge, in
yellow, the trailing edge. The same happens with the VStab (same colour
coding): Could we get better
control on the shape of these surfaces? It could in the form of specifying
their taper ratio for example, using hstab_taper_ratio and vstab_taper_ratio
parameters, and specifying their root chords. At least, could the above
behaviour get fixed so that we have the proper shape of the stabilizers? Thank

Am I the only one here being bothered by this?

So, if this is of interest to anyone at some point, it turns out the shape is
__NOT based on the Hstab or Vstab areas, but on the rudder and elevator
. Here is another screenshot showing the Vstab of the 747 with the area
of the rudder to the one the full stab and as you can see, the shape is now

To summarise: set the
the rudder and elevator areas to the area of the full corresponding stabilizer
to get the correct shapes.

So the question really is, do we use the correct areas for the elevator and
rudder or do we artificially inflate them to get the shape correctly in the
sim? I did raise this quite a while back with Asobo and never got an answer.

I’m using the effectiveness scalars to “reduce” the areas to real ones. But I
think the SDK is wrong as it indicates we should use real dimensions, and this
clearly does not work as described.

Yep - real dimensions at least would give us a solid base and we could then
‘nudge’ things as required using coefficients / effectiveness scalars. A large
part of the problem is that, if we do not use real dimensions and then put
scalars on top, the whole thing becomes just a random guess. If each random
guess only affected one thing you could get away with it but that’s far from
the case here.

Hopefully, we can soon get a feedback from on of the devs.