Build Marketplace data error: Unlisted file found in source directory

Hello to all! First post here… I am trying for the first time to build a
Marketplace version for a scenery package. The package builds and works fine
when making a normal community folder version. After I fill in all marketplace
data in the editor and try to click on “Build marketplace data” I get the
“Unlisted file found in source directory” for all 4 sim.cfg files that I have
for the 4 SimObjects that I am using. The Simobjects (Landmark type) are
defined correctly with their model and texture folders having all the proper
files and as I said the package builds fine otherwise. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.

My notepad++ generates a sim.cfg.bkp file when saving and the sdk compiler
doesn’t like it. I have to erase it before building the project

Same issue, same conditions. Builds normally if using the Build All button but
won’t build Marketplace Data

Forgot to add that this does not

Did you guys managed to fix this? I get the exact same error…
Thank you!

Any help would be much appreciated!