Building and Exporting seem to break Materials with newest Asobo Blender exporter

I was able to run Blender with newest Exporter by Asobo but encountered a
problem where after compiling/exporting project in the simulator, it seemed to
break most all of the materials. After several more exterior exports (building
the package outside of the sim and restarting the sim) some of the materials
came back (mostly in exterior model) but some of the materials remained pink
inside.I then went back to the exporter I was originally using which Ron had
updated, and everything was fixed.The exporter by Asobo seemed to be working
fine until I used ‘Build’ and ‘Export’ options ‘in’ the sim. I usually never
‘Build’ inside the sim, only the external builder. This seems to be the
trigger that did it.

Bill Lionheart Creations

I tried rebooting the sim, and also rebooting the computer, to get the
textures to ‘appear’ and they did not. I have 32 Gigs of RAM and I believe 6
Gigs of VRAM, so this isnt a memory issue. All was working fine and exporting
fine until I used internal Build and Export option, export to Community,
exported to Desktop. Bill LHC