Bush Trip purchases not showing, is there a limit to number of Activities?

When testing, If I load my bundles into the community folder, after about 4
bundles (100 flights for my products)… subsequent bundles don’t show up. Or
only the first flight shows up. Now I have a customer who purchased two of my
products in the sim marketplace and they do not appear anywhere in the sim. He
sent me a video showing the entire process from installation in content
manager to their non-appearance anywhere under activities. Maybe this is a
related issue to that I found during testing? Is there a hard coded limit to
flights in the community folder or wherever the purchased Bush Trips are

Hello @MiGMan_Flight_Sim_Museum I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem when
installing your packages from the Marketplace. Regarding your issue witnessed
in the Community folder, provide us with the package bundles in question and
tell us which ones are not showing and we’ll run some tests. Regarding your
user, you probably want to guide him to use the “Packages” tool to make sure
the packages are correctly detected and mounted. The Packages Window

Regards, Sylvain

Thank you for looking at this, I appreciate your effort. Yes, I will refer him
to that tool. I will test the behaviour again in my community folder before
taking more of your time, as from what you have said the Custom Content and
Marketplace Content behaviour seems to be unrelated.

Well maybe the issue is related but I wasn’t able to reproduce it installing
your Marketplace packages where I was able to see the whole content.