[Bushtrip] Glider with Towplane - No WingRunner

Hi A client of mine is currently experimenting with Gliders and Tow-Planes in
missions/bushtrip. The Tow-Plane appears, the Glider is connected, but we
don’t get a WingRunner. When the Tow-Plane starts, it jumps briefly on the
runway (it looks like the tow is going to break :slight_smile: ), then leaves it regularly
via a taxiway. I will post a sample mission as a comment in a moment. What did
we miss and which things do we have to set to make the WingRunner appear and
glider missions possible. Thank you very much in advance, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC After some investigation, we have
found the issue & it will be corrected in future updates, if you need a quick
fix we can try to find a way to modify the xml to make it work but it will
only be a temporary solution while we wait for the official fix. Best regards,

Hi @Yoanito, thank you, I appreciate this very
much. If you can tell us what to change in the xml (or append the modified xml
in private), I can pass this to the user. As far as I know, this is the only
limitation of the client to publish the mission. I have not checked this issue
with a winch takeoff so far and need to leave now. Would you happen to double-
check this for the winch T/O, too? Thanks again, BuffyGC

I’m interested in this issue. Did you check the glider is connected via the
TOW_CONNECTION simvar? Also did the glider remain wings-level? The movement of
the tow plane seems to suggest MSFS didn’t think it was connected - is it
clear it moved due to the rudder waggle or could it have taxied after the
usual delay after release?

I am a real life 250 hour glider pilot who has never had an issue with an
aerotow in any glider. In the sim I have crashed dozens of times. I have never
seen a wing runner and part of the issue is the glider drags a wingtip and
goes out of control. Also the default gliders do act as if they don’t have
proper, or adequate, aileron control at low speed above wing runner speed.

Hello @B21 I’m sorry, we did answer the issue but it is
in private so I will resume it here, if @BuffyGC
can validate this answer it would be perfect. The issue was caused because of
the imperceptible teleportation between the INTRO state and the BUSHTRIP
state, the tow plane believe the glider has been launched and cut the cable
before leaving. It is totally from our side and will be fixed in a future
update. By investigating this issue I’ve came across another issue, if you’re
making a bushtrip with a glider, you need to set as the departure Runway, the
runway that is selected by default if you select the airport on the world map,
it is also tracked from our side and will be fixed in a future update. Best
Regards, Yohan

Apologies @B21, I did no recognize, the discussion with
@Yoanito is private. I can confirm the issue with
the FlowState “INTRO” preventing the WingRunner to appear. Moving those
actions to the flow state “BUSHTRIP” brings the WinRummer to the glider (Of
course with all side-effects if the FlowState INTRO is missing). But I cannot
confirm the runway-issue to be solved when using the default runway.
Currently, I don’t get the tow-plane to depart, nor for Leg1 neighter a later
leg., I need more time for further investigation for this (just not this
week). Maybe we need to wait, until all the issues are fixed. BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC It was working on my side but if you
tell me that the tow-plane is not taking off for you I will investigate
further. I will come back as soon as I know more. Best regards, Yohan

Please wait with further investigation @Yoanito. I want to double check all
settings first. Thank you, BuffyGC

Hi @Yoanito, apologies for delay. I can confirm now, with then changes in
“INTRO” and "BUSHTRIP-state and using the (default) runway from WorldMap, the
TowPlane will start. It was another issue on my side. Of course, the
INTRO/BUSHTRIP thing is a really bad workaround and leads to other issues like
a INTRO on continue the mission after a leg ends. After a discussion with my
client, we will wait for the final solution in the sim, hopefully with for
SU12… Thanks again, BuffyGC