BushTrips: GPS / Flightplan / VRF-Map loosing after a couple of time

After some time im Bush Trips, the flightplan is lost. Sometimes, this happens
after 5-6 sublegs/POI sometimes only after end of leg, ever when continue the
bush trip after a leg. Only workaround I’ve detected is to go back to main
menu in 20-30 seconds after a new leg is started. On long legs, also the plane
flightplan is gone and the autopilot is disconnected and/or jumps to POI1.
When looking into saved_missions folder, the GPS.Engine section in save flt-
file is missing. Maybe this appears only for autosave, when you go back to
main menu before this appears, the GPS.Engine section seems to be correct.

Same bug.After plane crash you respawn and flightplan/VRF-Map are loosing.