[Bushtrips] Runway selection Leg2++

Hello, Since SU10/SU11 the start positions for the Leg2+ are determined by the
sim (with the known bug: [Spawning Position Bushtrips (Leg
position-bushtrips-leg-2.html)). Here I would like to ask if there is any way
to manipulate or influence the selected runway when continuing the Bush Trip?
If not, how does the sim determine the runway to continue on? Happy New Year
to everyone and thanks in advance. BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC , As it is hardcoded, there is no way to edit the spawn on 2nd+
legs , but I can tell you that we take the center position of the runway - 0.5

  • runway length. Edit : I just talked with the developer and this behavior has
    been fixed for SU12 ( I tested it successfully :wink: ). So from SU12 on, the
    starting position for legs2+ will be based on the runway start like in
    freeflight. Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris I hope you had a good start to the new year. Thank you very much
for the reply. In this thread I am talking more about runway selection, that
is which runway to depart from. I have received reports from users that the
selection is not upwind, too short runways are selected, or even a runway in
the water is selected even though there are paved runways for the wheeled
aircraft. For example, a user creates a mission with the Concorde and lands in
MMAA. The short runway is selected for takeoff, which is too short for the
aircraft. Another one landed with the DA62 in PHNL and found the aircraft on
Runway 26, which is in the water. I don’t have any example trips to verify
this. BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , My bad, I missread the “runway selection” ^^ If you have a
package that can reproduce these behaviors, I could test it and ask the
developer for more information about it :wink: Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris , no apologies needed. I’ve just uploaded a package to reproduce
the issue in PHNL with the water runway. Thanks again, BuffyGC

Hi @Boris I am designing a ‘Round the World’ trip for the DC Designs Concorde
and have had similar problems. I get the water take off in Honolulu and a
2,000 foot grass strip in Christchurch for example. Concorde needs a minimum
of 9,000 feet to take off in normal circumstances. I know Concorde is an
extreme example but it clearly demonstrates the problems people may
experience. The PDF file shows the ideal runway and the one assigned by MSFS
for legs 2-11 of the trip, I hope it makes sense. Runway

Please let me know if I can
provide more information.

Hi @BuffyGC @ProfSC, A dev is looking at this issue, I will let you know when
I have more info :wink: Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris I’m not sure, if the changes in should address the issue:
update-1-31-21-0-march-9th-2023/580404> Airport

  • Fixed the possibility to set a seaplane base as departure without a seaplane

But I can tell you, I’m sitting on departure of leg2 in PHNL-Honolulu I’m
still in the water with my DA62. BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , You are right and a ticket is still open in our backlog about
this. As soon as I have new information on it I will let you know :wink: Regards,