Bypassing the distance LFO on the combustion_outside bus

Hi, Just wondering if it’s possible to bypass the distance LFO that modulates
the combustion_outside bus in Wwise? One method would be to create a custom
bus with the same place in the heirachy, but presumably we need to route to
existing buses to maintain UI volume control compatibility. If that’s the
case, is there another way to bypass the distance LFO? The reason to do so is
that I am developing our own distance processing system and having some issues
caused by the existing distance LFO that runs on the combustion bus. Thanks in
advance, Dan

Hi @MikeNolan , You can’t bypass the effect like that but you can use another
bus to do it. The LFOs are set on the combustion_outside_turbine and
combustion_outside_generic buses. If you route your sounds to the parent
bus combustion_outside , you won’t have any LFO and you will be able to
use the ui volume slider. Regards, Boris

Thank you!