Byron Airport (C83) aerial and alignment discrepancy

This is for timekiller93 - I just saw your comment on my submittal for Byron Airport and have no other way to get hold of you directly (and I was told this is the best way).

Regarding the misalignment at Byron (C83), here is what I’m seeing in the sim:

This is way different than what you linked on imgur:

Your grass is green! :laughing: Anyway, I don’t have any 3rd party scenery active in this area, but I do have the World Updates for the US. Otherwise, I don’t know why our imagery is so different. I wonder if this is extending to other airports I’ve submitted? But suffice it to say, I didn’t have to do much realigning when I set out to do this airport. Very minimal, so I feel like your imagery represents a larger deviation from the original.

The aerial bug monster rears its two heads once more.


Yeesh, right? That has to be as frustrating for the mods as it is for us.

I also want to illustrate how this clearly shows the difference in surface features uncovered by changes in season. See how the shoulders aren’t perfectly distinct from the grass? It goes into rivulets of dirt and gravel. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about in other threads.

What bothers me is that all examples for the “two aerials” bug show a non-negligible offset. If that’s indicative of what to expect with MSFS2024, overhauling all the airfields is gonna be more work than expected.

I really have no idea what’s behind the two aerials thing. I wonder if it’s me who has the older aerial and something is holding it back from renewing. We need to find some common denominators.

We’ve seen permutations of this or similar issues. For example:

At EDWT, I got the old aerial, followed by the new aerial, followed by the old aerial again, and literally at the same time when I got the old aerial, Scrubblets got the new aerial.

At EDAP, Nicolas and me are consistently getting an old aerial (the same aerial I got for the past two years), but (apparently) the World Hub and Scrubblets consistently get a new aerial.

<RANT> Who you are shapes how you see the world. I see the world through the lens of an old school system engineer, and through that lens this looks like a typical DevOps issue, like some nodes deployed to the cloud escaped the staging environment and are now polluting the production environment with test data. Put it in the cloud, they said. It’s gonna be safe, secure, and reliable! Also easy and cheap! If only someone had told us that microservices in the cloud are a pain to debug. </RANT>

Speculation - I wonder if this has to do with why they’re holding on the release of the latest batch? Any word on that?

I doubt anything but CTDs, whatever “ABOs” are, or poor performance on Xbox can delay a SU release these days. :wink:

edit: uh, brain fart, obviously you were talking about the latest batch of published airports. I dunno what’s up with that. I hope it’s not something I did. :smiley:

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Haha, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I thought the same thing at first.

Don’t worry, it’s not related to your submissions, nor is it related to the randomly changing aerials. About this bug we’re still investigating, it’s not the simplest of bugs.

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