Can Effects in a Plane released in MS Store be modified?

Hello Team Asobo and fellow developers,

It seems there was a change and some deprecations that occurred to Effects section in the Aircraft Config. I have just released a great update to a product line I sell at the MS Store and the effects are suddenly bringing down frame rates.

Is it possible to make a downloadable Mod file that will reconfigure the Effects settings on a plane that is sold in the MS Store? They make so many ‘mod’ files for planes… Can this possibly be done for the effects for the existing Liveries of a payware MS Store addon? This would be a temp fix till the update fix is released. Presently turnaround on an update is about a month. It would be nice to at least patch this now to help my customers.

@FlyingRaccoon , can it be done? I hope…

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Hello @lyonhaart001,

I presume you have already bought your addon products from the marketplace on a separate account and installation of MSFS for inspection and performance checks, and are aware of the Warning About Encrypted Files and Their Usage in Marketplace Packages. If not, then I recommend you consider this.

On this separate installation of MSFS (with the marketplace version of your addon products installed), you should locate the folder of your addon products within the MSFS folder directory and add the new updated version files in the addon folder directory and then check the results after loading up MSFS.

You are only replacing files with an updated version from source. It should work correctly.

If not, then check for error messages in the debug/error/inspection console. Report here.

if successful, then check your partner agreement before giving your customers out an installation file to confirm you are not violating any conditions within that agreement.

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It should work to make a community folder addon that virtually overwrites select files in your marketplace product, yes. I don’t remember if I’ve tested this with aircraft.cfg,but I’ve made fixes for many other things like this.