Can we access surfaces lift values?

Hi everyone, FlyByWire is developing a custom wingflex simulation, and I was
wondering if we could access by any mean the lift values of different wing
sections (as those can be seen in in-game debug screens)? For now we are
guessing lift, but accessing in game actual values would bring better results
I suppose, and might give results closer to what the air mass is really doing.
Any idea on this matter? Thanks!

That’s interesting - our long wingspan gliders have significant wingflex and
I’ve certainly written custom code for that (most recently adding high-speed
flutter However, in practice
I’ve found any asymmetric flexing of the wings due to atmospheric effects is
not really noticeable in real gliders even though we fly through a lot of
‘turbulence’ and normal lift/G effects and the bounce on landing are by far
the dominant movements. We have the additional oddity of the very high aspect
ratio wing resting on one wingtip on the ground, so you get some strange flex
just for that (I wrote that up for a glider in FSX here: <https://xp->). So this response is of negligible
value to you, so apologies for that, but my summary is programming complex
flexing of the wings is interesting enough that you might not need the niche
asymmetric atmospheric behavior.

Thanks and nice glider effect :slight_smile: We are working on a plane that has a 40 ton
wing that can be loaded from 0 to 100 tons of fuel at different places, so you
can imagine how different the flex behaviour can be and I guess such plane has
never been simulated yet. So we implemented a
multi element flex model to simulate all of this, and only issue is we now
have to feed the physics with actual lift forces. On ground I’m guessing the
total lift from all gear struts compression right now, but this can be a bit
random in some conditions, and it’s a pain to tune by trying to match the
struct compression characteristic curve. So it would be million times easier
if we could just get the values in the kind of -Wing root lift -Wing mid lift
-Wing tip lift I mean just whatever lift values are available in the core msfs
physics, it would be of great help :slight_smile: It’s a terrible feeling to see all those
values simulated but not being able to access those :cry: Would be great to grab
them through simconnect! Hope it’s possible somehow. Thanks!