Can you add comments to RPN code?

Is there a way to add comments inside a piece of RPN code? It could be helpful
for long or complex pieces of code, especially because RPN can be hard to

  1. Easy yes ...
  2. For example put your comments between  Tags
  4.   5.  
  6.     <UseTemplate Name="BBS_CB_BUS_Template"> 
  7.         <ANIM_NAME>CB_GEN_master_LANIM_NAME>
  8.         <BUS_INDEX2>2BUS_INDEX2>
  11.         <TT_TITLE>Generator Output (Port)TT_TITLE>
  12.     UseTemplate>

Also If you use a program like notepad++ The commented section would be set to
GREEN and much easier to separate from your code

Your example shows XML comments nested purely within XML code. Not within RPN
code blocks. I seem to recall a conversation on this forum where it was
discussed that XML comments in the middle of RPN code blocks caused issues on
occasion - for example if you used a XML comment to comment out an alternative
block of RPN code, does the interpreter ‘see’ it anyways and thus execute it
as well. I never found a conclusive answer to this, and although I hadn’t seen
any ill effects within previously written code myself, I’ve since decided to
play it safe and NOT use XML comments within RPN code blocks.

Some have had luck with the following starting line with semi-colon
;-------this is a comment----------- or with (* and *) (this is another
) download the G36 mod or DA40 mod, see how they have done it.

Well I use RPN Code in XML and have never had a problem with comments as

Yes, thanks! @Nocturne, maybe this should be added
to the documentation?

Yes, the way you describe works fine. What the other are talking about is a
comment within the `` blocks

      1.   2.  
  3.      Name="BBS_CB_BUS_Template"> 
  4.         CB_GEN_master_L
  5.         2
  7.           (L:nah) ! 
  8.         CB_GEN_MASTER_L
  9.         Generator Output (Port)

; does not work for me (in a missionscript calculator). But (* ... *)
works and is very handy.