Can you trigger a hot start via javascript?

Context: Load a plane into a custom location in hot start mode similar to how
the sim does it when you spawn on a runway.

Hello @sonicviz I will need a little bit more of context, you want to load the
flight while already in freeflight or in the menu ? Where does the
informations about the flight plan should come from ? From a FLT ? Do you want
to start a flight or just teleport the plane on a runway ? Best regards, Yohan

Yes, we are in Fly mode. I can teleport to anywhere on ground or water with
engines stopped. ref: I was wondering if there
was an easy way to also easily configure a plane to a hotstart condition
similar to how you currently do with with runway hot spawning, that didn’t
involve a long sequence of individual setsimvars - which you probably can’t do
properly anyway given the aircraft differences. I guess that’s effectively the
same as doing a Ctrl-E (if the plane supports it, some don’t) but you know
users, if you can do something that saves a click or button press, all the
better. The question also applies to cold start I guess, as I don’t think just
setting the engine off with SimVar.SetSimVarValue(“A:GENERAL ENG
COMBUSTION:1”, “bool”, 0); actually does a proper cold start configuration,
which is all I’m currently doing as a “cold start” anywhere.

Hello @sonicviz Like you said, because of the differences between aircraft,
there is not a proper way to do this in JS that will work with all the
aircraft. Best regards, Yohan

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