Can you use persistent variables with RPN?

Is there a way to use persistent variables with RPN code? Maybe by accessing
StoredData variables from JavaScript panels. I have a toolbar panel where
users can change settings. The settings are used by a mission calculator, but
it can only get the settings if the toolbar panel is active. This means the
user has to open the toolbar panel to load their settings. I would like to
have the mission calculator access storedData directly, so it can load the
settings independent of the toolbar panel.

In every .FLT file you can add a section [LocalVars.0] where you can put
variables to use with RNP code. These text file can be accessed through your
javascript program. But be careful .FLT and .cfg files are not forgiving. You
can make a small mistake in your xml files but a mistake in the .FLT files
will CTD MSFS. Hopefully this points you in the right direction. Maybe there
are more elegant solutions?

Thanks, that could be handy for missions. Unfortunately my application is in
freeflight, so I can’t set the data in the .FLT file. Hopefully there is
another way that works using only RPN

review the SDK [localvars] section in the systems.cfg - can your app write to