Changes in Shape between SDK and MSFS


I am trying to model an airpark that is not present in the sim right now and trying no to ask too many questions but I couldn’t find a solution to my problems until now.

  1. As I want to design this airpark as closely to the real life as possible, I used polygons to draw threshold markings. While designing in SDK everything looks fine, I save my project, rebuild package, copy the newly built package into the Community folder and when I launch MSFS the shape of markings becomes distorted. A similar problem appears in the center line as well. Please have a look at the screenshots.


In sim

Tried to find the reason or the solution from Google but couldn’t. Any ideas?

  1. This airpark is not present at current Bing data used in MSFS and one road is not at the right place. I wanted to change that but I couldn’t delete it no matter how I tried. I used transparent grass and paint textures as suggested at other posts but that didn’t work for me.

Here’s the up to date satellite imagery and the MSFS version:

Is there any other way to get rid of that road?

Thank you very much for your guidance.

  1. Known issue (or I would say “by design”
    Polygons are not meant to be use to make markings and precise drawings
    You rather want to use an Apron, Paintedline or Projected mesh
    To use an Apron over a runway you need to make the Runway transparent, the draw its outline with an apron a finally draw addition aprons with an higher priority
  1. To remove default aprons, you need to open the Airport properties, scroll down to the deleteCommands and set deleteallAprons in the deleteCommands

  2. About the road , have you tried using Polygon (very large one) and in it’s properties set Exclude Roads? (I never worked in places without aerials so can’t cant confirm). If that doesn’t help, draw some Aprons over it with a material resembling the aerials

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much for your recommendations @mamuDesign.

  1. I was pretty happy when I learned how to use Material Editor with polygons but seeing that crooked lines killed my mood. I will try to use Aprons instead.

  2. I do not have default aprons. Bing maps do not show the airfield at all and I am using a third party tool to use Google Maps data and trying to build the airfield where it is supposed to be. In short, when I use the regular sim data, I do not see anything at all, so I didn’t have to use delete commands.

  3. I tried to use every option I come across with :slight_smile: Sadly nothing worked yet and I think I will have to surround the airport with some other texture to get rid of it.

And one more thing, do you know any easy and smart way to implement real life elevation data to this region? I visited the airfield several times and there are hills near the runway but MSFS has all the area flat. I shoot photos from those hills every year and I want to design the area realisticly.

Thank you very much for your help. I learn new things with each and every question and that seems a nice thing to do for retirement. :slight_smile: Thank you.

This worked! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Where is this place?

Most likely the default airport has some flattening in place that you can turn off to obtain the hills back

There’s no default airport at the location. Data is pretty old.
Here are the coordinates: N 39°17’59.29’’ E 31°29’38.50’’
In Turkey.