Checking airborne on AI Aircraft (GEAR IS ON GROUND issue)

I’m working on sending traffic to ForeFlight, and I need to send if a plane is
airborne or on the ground. I’m grabbing GEAR IS ON GROUND:0 for that
determination, but all AI aircraft are showing false, even though they are
obviously on the ground. Is there a better way to determine if a plane is
airborne? Note: Ground Aircraft that the sim populates are showing up
correctly with gear on ground.

AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITION.Traffic, “SIM ON GROUND”, “Bool”,

out of curiosity is there something more you are trying to accomplish over

I’m not trying to determine if I am on the ground, i’m trying to determine if
another plane is on the ground. ForeFlight shows planes on ground as brown and
in the air as blue. And no clue about things other than ff2fs; I’ve already
had my own ForeFlight sender for a while with ADHR and GPS, and now that a) i
can load the game (after 7 months of not being able to even get to the main
menu unless i’m offline), and b) i have a ForeFlight subscription again due to
Covid being at a low enough risk to finish up my Private license, I’m adding
traffic to my sender.

The above sim var gets on the ground for all traffic not just you. Like I said
in the other thread feel free to have a look at my changes to ff2fs as I’ve
already implemented the same functionality you are after.

Initial indications look good that the SIM ON GROUND works. Thanks!