Clarification of new Stall parameters

The descriptions are a little confusing to me. Maybe my lack of aerodynamic
engineering. StallDef_StartRatio and StallDef_EndRatio (and others) Stall
AoA - I assume is Critical Angle of Attack? When you say ratio - to me a ratio
is a fraction - comparing two values - so Ratio of the stall AoA at which …
should be Ratio of the current AoA and stall AoA (critical AoA) at which …
thius gives the 0.9 some meaning that at 90% of the critical AoA the airflow
detaches StallDef_CurvePower What is a StallDef_Curve? what is Power -
assume scale factor? StallDef_minTransition How does this relate to the
above start and endratios? Default is 0.025 or 1.5 degrees, but .9 to 1.1
start and end in a 16 degree critical AoA is 14.4 to 17.6 - so close to 3
degrees. StallDef_airflowdetachspeed and StallDef_airflowattachspeed What
is a ratios per second? efault is 1.0 but I see default 172 aircraft with 10.0
Stall_TipAddIncidence, Stall_TipAddTwist and Stall_TipTwistScaleRatio What
is a Vitual? How does this relate to the geometry value set for the wingtwist?
wing_incidence = 1.5 ; Wing incidence (DEGREES) wing_twist = -3 ; Wing twist
epsilon (DEGREES)

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10 months and not even an acknowledgment! (Shaking my Head from side to side!)