Coloured text in Bush Trip Navlogs

I have been experimenting with adding different coloured text to the navlog in
a bush trip I am making without success. The navlog in the trip will serve
several purposes and I am hoping to use colour to differentiate its use. I am
creating the trip with Little Navmap by Alexander Barthel and use BuffyGC’s
‘Bushtripinjector’ to compile the trips. Any advice or suggestions are

Hello @ProfSC Unfortunately this feature is not currently implemented in
Flight Simulator. Best Regards, Yohan

Thank you for the swift reply Yohan. I shall not spend any more time
experimenting! Season’s Greetings from England :slight_smile:

@ProfSC I have used successfully the following html tag: ****, __,



. Unfortunately the list tags (


  • ) do not work . I am formatting myself using : -- 1. , but it generates translation errors (formatting) mostly with latin languages, that you have to correct manually. Following is an example :

FLT-024 Chap-10 Radio Navigation

You are on the ground at Crystal airport (KMIC), holding short of Runway 32L.

The route can be seen on the Flight Plan Map in the Mission’s browser window,
while the headings are on the Navlog.

Setting the VORs

-- 1. Load GEP (117.30) into the active channel of NAV1 .

-- 2. Load DLH (112.60)) into the active channel of NAV2 .

-- 3. Load DLH (112.60) into the Standby Channel of NAV1.

-- 4. To fly VOR on the C172SP Skyhawk:

------ 1. Push the GPS/NAV Button and check that the Nav light is on.

------ 2. Push the CDI Button on the GPS to activate VLOC mode instead
of GPS. Hope it is good enough for you.

Hi @Yoanito, maybe you want to tell us, which tags are allowed and supported.
I know, **and _are currently working, _was working earlier, but not with the
current version of the sim. Thank you very much, BuffyGC