Compiler/Exporter for Blender 3.5 / 3.6

Hello Team Asobo, It would be nice to see Asobo release a exporter for the
latest release of Blender that is powerful and fast and is mostly bug free
(bug free would be awesome). For those of us that work in Blender as the 3D
design engine, we still do not have an official Blender compiler that works
with the newest standard Edition of Blender. Presently we are at a version
that only works with Blender 3.3, and it is buggy with export times reaching
40 minutes and certain functionalities not working or not working correctly. I
myself am using a version for Blender 3.2 that has a compiler that is by RonH
and it compiles high rez models in 1 to 2 minutes, but Blender 3.2 is now
ancient. The latest LTS main release of Blender is Build 3.5. That is a huge
distance from Blender 3.3. The new Beta of Blender 4.0 is just released I
think yesterday. Soon that will be the standard LTS version. It would be nice
if somehow, we could get the export system working with the latest version of
Blender and an export time that is around 1 to 2 minutes instead of an insane
10 to 40 minutes. If you export 12 LOD models for a single plane, that is an
entire day instead of say 20 or 30 minutes. We need this. It is much needed.
Bill Lionheart Creations

Hi Bill. Is this the same issue? <

Thats one of the issues. Ron has got his export times way down, but there are
some graphics issues when migrating from Blender 3.2 to 3.3 and then importing
to 3.6. Blender 3.6 will be the new standard issue (LTS) soon, 2 months. We
should be setting goals on 4.0 to keep up. For instance, 3.6 should be running
excellent right now, and we should be experimenting with a version for Blender
Alpha 4.0 so that when it become standard release, we are running already.

I am presently using Blender 3.2 with RonH’s Blender MSFS Exporter setup for
Blender 3.2. Works excellent, but my goodness, we are on Blender 3.6 which
will be LTS in 2 months and and 4.0 will be the new Beta soon. RonH’s version
of Exporter is here. It works solid.

I would be happy to vote but not votes left for ideas (like most users here)
In my experience, export times was better with 1.1.6 Version 1.3.0 makes
multiple unneeded animations (so I guess that Is the reason for long export
times) 1.3.0 is still not a clone of the 3ds versions (i.e. missing parallax
preview), so guess they still need to finish one before going further with
next one

I second this, the current blender exporter version is bugged with long export
times and bugged mixing animations with mutiple NLA. Please support blender
3.6 LTS

For people that have long export times, turn off ‘Sampling Animations’ and also turn off ‘Bake All Objects Animations’ and your export times should go back to normal.

Ron has an excellent exporter for 3.6 which also works with 4.0. I have been testing it and now have 2+ planes I am using in Blender 4.0 and its working great so far. Ron has been ironing out ‘Migration’ systems settings.



I just want to bring this up again. As Blender 3.6 turned to be an LTS version, it would be really nice if it would be supported.
I have some vital add-ons which does not support 3.3 anymore.

Thanks a lot!

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According to this, it is planned

Of course is taking a while

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RonH glTF exporters

Thanks Dick! It is useful to know. However I’m seeking to get the official exporter, because anytime I run into a problem I am affraid to report it because they will point out I’m using a not supported Blender.

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The blender plugin now supports 3.6 as well! Have not tried it by myself yet though.