Concrete textures are impossible to align

Version: SU15

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: World hub scenery editor

Bug description: cannot align concrete textures to less than a two degree resolution. When real world aprons, taxiways, and runways are made of concrete blocks, the seams between blocks often run along the major axis of the pavement. In the sim, you can only align them in 2° increments, meaning the center seams eventually meander to edge, or edge to center, etc. Texture alignment should be rotatable in at least 0.1° increments.

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While I’m agree that a text input would be a preferred solution,

You can achieve what you need by enlarging the Airport properties window:a wider slider helps to achieve the needed precision


Open the placement .xml, locate your apron and type the correct value

(Not really a bug indeed, it is like this since day one)

It is impossible to align them perfectly because the GUI only allows changes in one-degree increments.
To adjust in floating point, you need to edit the xml directly.
I wish it was changed to a box where you could directly enter numbers instead of a slider.