Conflict at default MYNN when addon KTTD loaded in Community folder


Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Addon scenery Package for KTTD affecting default MYNN by distorting land contours. I have never loaded MYNN, nor done any development related to MYNN, but two users have reported that when my addon for KTTD is loaded, the area around MYNN becomes corrupted. It seems like this kind of “messiness” could discourage development. Link to the scenery Package sent and the conflict reports are in the comments section.

Hello @r_k

I checked your package and you still have BGL files refering to MYNN (scnery/kttd/objects.bgl for example).
I assume you started your project from the SimpleAirport sample and forgot to remove some elements.


Thank you, sorry to trouble over this.