Control tower documentation incorrectly says you can choose from different objects

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Bug description:

Note: In the previous bug report I logged, everything is referenced by page number. If someone plans on doing that bug report, too, they may want to do it first, as this bug report proposes that entire paragraphs be removed, and it may affect the pagination of the PDF, making it hard to fix those bugs.

The World Hub alpha documentation for control towers says that you will be presented with a list of different scenery object elements:

A ControlTower object is an object element used to add an ATC tower to an airport. When you select this object type you will be presented with a list of different scenery object elements listed in the Objects window:

It goes on to say:

Since towers are considered scenery objects all scenery objects will be
shown in the list, but you can use the filter at the top of the Objects
window to narrow down the search to the objects that you want. Once you
have found the tower that you want to add to the airport,

After that is another section entitled, “Procedural ControlTowers.” I don’t believe that anything in that section is relevant to the World Hub.

You can’t see other objects when adding a control tower. (See the Attachments section.) I believe that the above documentation needs to be removed.

Repro steps:

  1. Open up the World Hub alpha documentation.
  2. Read pages 102-105.