Converting the SR22


I am currently in the progress of converting the Asobo SR22 to match the SR20.
My work is based on the Default Asobo Aircraft and I am remodeling the major interior, editing performance specs & intend to change the G1000 to match the Cirrus Perspective+ Avionics System.

Now to my two requests:

  • I know that I am not allowed to distribute the files since they are based on a Payware Addon by Asobo. Who should I contact to get the allowance to contribute this? Have not found any other place, than here, to ask for it.

  • I am also searching for some experienced Aircraft Developers which want to help me. The overall Model could need some polishing since I am not an expert in Blender, etc. but mainly the Avionics Project is something I cannot do alone, so I definitely need some help there…

I appreciate your comments and would love to get some answer of an Asobo responsible person on that.