Copilot IKCHAINS setup question

How to set up separate IKCHAINS for a copilot?

In the aircraft.cfg there is only one set of IK handles and the copilot’s arms and legs also connected to the pilot’s IK handles.

Looks like a bug.

How setup it correctelly?

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Hello @GKS_Dev,

There are 4 IKCHAINS targets, so they are supported only for the pilot and not for the co-pilot


Thank you for the answer @Boris

Could you please guide me how to do it so that the co-pilot does not use IK handles of the pilot?
How to make co-pilot at least sit straight with hands and legs folded?

Thank you in advance

I would duplicate the pilot mesh, renome/remove the IK, and then include it in the desired LODS.

You could also consider incorporating a button that can hide/show it or provide a settings feature within a gauge, much like certain third parties dev do.


@Boris Hello,

thanks for the advice.
I spent a lot of time solving the problem but I still couldn’t get the co-pilot to sit to idle position
I didn’t find a way “to duplicate pilot mesh” a pilot or somehow detach copilot from IK

  1. I use standard pilots from the Asobo library
  2. The co-pilot is always tied to the IK and I haven’t found an option on how to disconect him from IK
  3. if to remove the IK complitelly, both pilots break (the arms and legs of both pilots begin to twitch chaotically and rotate in an unnatural way)


Could you please help me to solve the issue

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