Crash when fly_by_wire_from_flaps = 1

If I set “fly_by_wire_from_flaps = 1” the aircraft crashes the Sim. The
aircraft in question doesn’t have flaps but even if I give it a Flaps section
in the Flightmodel.cfg it continues to crash. Im trying to set
“fly_by_wire_from_flaps = 1” because the aircraft loses control authority
50feet above the runway. Is there anything else that need to be done to allow
it to work?

Hello @kcgb Can you follow these guidelines and
provide us with a full dump file or the package producing the crash please?
crash/77) Regards, Sylvain

here you go!AifOCgHcFvuAgxn7KrxZOY47b8Bx?e=wAGOiP Would
you still like the package?

Hello @kcgb I was able to reproduce the crash editing
one of our aicraft but only once. I see what the problem is (flap system not
being created but being used), but I was not able to identify what causes the
flap system to not be created. When you don’t define flaps, the system should
still be created but configured as if you had no flaps. When does the crash
happen in your case? Building the package, selecting the aircraft, starting a
flight? If your package triggers the CTD 100% of the time, I’m interested.
Regards, Sylvain

It crashes 99% of the time when I select the world map screen, But this is
likely because the aircraft is the default selection and is loaded when I
select World Map. I once made it through to the world map, but then it crashed
when starting the flight. But its always a CTD.