Create a light source with a halo?

I’m trying to create a light that has a halo, so that it doesn’t just spill
light onto a surface, but glows if looked at, like so (Picture attached
below). I achieved this effect with light rows, but this a very inconvenient
workaround. Is there a way to attach such an effect to a regular light/object?
I was not able to find anything on this subject in the SDK Manual.

@Boris1 anything on this? Cheers

One workaround is increasing the material emissive value to values higher than

  1. Here is emissive materials with a value of 90 set through xml code.

@WombiiActual is this done in the GLTF or have
you managed to do this inside blender and have the new plugin export higher
than 1?

It’s exported as normal with max emissive value (1) then set to higher values
with an emissive template in xml.

Mind showing me the XML Code for this or sharing the file? I’ve been manually
editing the GLTF for a while after every export becomes annoying haha

It looks like this. (I removed a bit of code here, but this is the essentials)

Yes but can you animate emissive materials?

I have not experimented with animated materials in blender or 3dsmax, but for
simple things like getting it to flash you can use xml code to change the
emissive value.

Just for clarification, this piece of code works only in a Simobject, isn’t

Unfortunately, probably yes. I’ve been so deep in sim objects the last two
weeks I forgot about that.

Interesting. Do you have a sample?

For a simobject, flashing emissive value.

Thanks a lot for that. Was wondering if you could also upload a sample
obj/blend for reverse engineering it lol.