Create a simobject movement along a given trajectory

Hello everyone. I created a simobject and animated it. This is an ordinary
apron bus. How to make it move along the created lines (Taxi Patch vehicles)?
If I understand correctly, this can be done using WordScript - but I don’t
find any description in the SDK or working examples. Help me deal with this
problem. I see that there are successful examples of using this feature, but I
don’t understand how and with what tools you can create such things. Thanks!

Hi Andrey, About the worldscript creation, there is some code here and there
in the official documentation Most of the scripting is from p3d/fsx, so those
SDK can help too, there are some samples This 3d contains what is needed to
make a vehicle moving following waypoints I planned a comprehensive
tutorial about that :slight_smile: -------------- Afaik there is no way to make custom
vehicles following the “ground vehicles” taxiways in a specific airport. You
can add vehicles models in the living world,. But consider that living world
works on regional basis, including entire countries, so your vehicles will
spawn in lot of places if added to the living world configuration files

Thanks! I studied this file and came to the conclusion that it is almost
impossible to create such a file by hand. everything that can be created using
the SDK is nothing like this code:

    1. Waypoint 001
  1. 001
  2. <(longitude and latitude) >
  3. True
  4. False
      1. Waypoint 002
  5. 002
  6. <(longitude and latitude) >
  7. True
  8. False

Why is there still no regular ability in the SDK to create lines for the
movement of custom simobjects. I think we need to draw the attention of the
engine developers to this problem. It will be incredibly difficult to create
such a file manually, for each waypoint you need to create a new GUID and
geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude) Each created path can
contain hundreds of waypoints…Create your own animated traffic that will move
along the curved ground and drive where I want… This is very lacking.
Perhaps I am blinded by the abundance of information, but I do not find
examples and descriptions of the implementation of this feature in the SDK
documentation. The World script section in the documentation is just empty.