Create New Project

Can someone please tell me where I can find the documentation to properly
create a new project in DevMode? I want to edit aircraft parking on an
existing airport.

Various sites on the web provide information but it is out of date as the
instructions and illustrations do not match the current SDK version 16.0. I
can find references to the work I want do on this site but cannot find
anything but descriptions of changes that have been made in the various

Using information found on other sites I have created a project but I must
have missed out a vital step as I can place new objects and build a project
successfully, but the existing taxiways and parking spots are not visible so
cannot be moved and edited.

Hello @lumbco First, the official documentation can be found here: You can’t edit existing features by
creating a new project, you would need the project sources in order to do
that. What you can do is create your airport on top of an existing one and
remove the features you want to replace. This is done through the “Delete
command” property of the AirportObject Airport Objects
In your case, if you want to replace the TaxiwayParking objects, you’ll have
to delete the taxiways. It’s a bit painful but since TaxiwayParking are linked
to other taxiway objects, you can’t just delete a part of it. Regards, Sylvain

You could look at Airport Design Editor which I think lets you edit existing
airport elements without deleting everything.

I’m back after the Christmas and New Year break and would like to thank
Sylvain and Superspud for your helpful replies. Happy New Year ! I have
decided that the best way for me to proceed is to use the ADE, however I have
not been able to create an ADE project and wonder if you could help?

To complete the ADE FS20 Project Screen I used the following sequence:

File/Create Project from MSFS Bgl/type ident in F20 Project Properties/click
Check/type Creator and Project name/click Go/select bgl file/click Open/type
Title and Description/leave Output Folder blank, leave Asset Groups boxes
unticked/tick Visible in Store, Can be Referenced and Two Way Edit/click
Save/click OK to Schema Check/close/click Yes to “Current airport is unsaved,
save it?”

Depending on the bgl file used I had various error messages including “file
does not contain an airport” or a blank yellow display field.