Creating a Scenery Bundle

I’m trying to create a scenery bundle for the Marketplace that contains two
separate airports. I’ve setup the folder structure and data so that everything
compiles into two individual Community folder packages, one for each airport.
What isn’t currently clear to me is how to shape the Marketplace data, so that
the bundle is recognized as containing two separate airports. There seems to
be no such mechanism in place to easily bundle scenery in one Marketplace
package, so that it is categorized as containing two individual airports. I’ve
completely stripped Airport B of all Marketplace info, as there seems no path
to combine Marketplace data from both Airport A and Airport B, and the
compiler would currently otherwise produce two Marketplace JSON files.
Normally the Marketplace JSON file that holds the info for category, location
and price would look like this for example: { “business”: { “PriceInUSD”:
11.989999771118164, “ThirdPartyShortName”: “company”, “AccountSellerId”:
“12341234”, “UseFirstAvailableReleaseDate”: true }, “marketplace”: {
“sections”: [ { “category”: “Airports”, “section”: “Airports” } ] },
“locations”: [ { “type”: “airport”, “airportCode”: “NTTB”, “latitude”:
-16.4436119754415, “longitude”: -151.7525222111225 } ] } Using the above
structure and manually editing the file, this would seem like an appropriate
structure: { “business”: { “PriceInUSD”: 11.989999771118164,
“ThirdPartyShortName”: " company", “AccountSellerId”: “12341234”,
“UseFirstAvailableReleaseDate”: true }, “marketplace”: { “sections”: [ {
“category”: “Airports”, “section”: “Airports” } ] }, “locations”: [ { “type”:
“airport”, “airportCode”: " NTTB", “latitude”: - 16.4436119754415,
“longitude”: - 151.7525222111225 }, { “type”: “airport”, “airportCode”:
“NFFN”, “latitude”: -17.755278385931, “longitude”: 177.443333566679 } ] }
Would this be suitable for submission? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello @PILOTS_Development , I’m not sure
to understand. Are you tring to create a bundle in SU10 or SU11 ? In SU11, you
can create a bundle or a pack of packages and each one can have it’s own
marketplace data. Then, at the export, everything will be packed in one ZIP
and ready to send. Regards, Boris

@Boris1 Hi Boris, I’m using SU10. For clarification

  • I’m not trying to submit multiple separate airport packages with
    individual prices and locations at once in a single ZIP! I wish to submit
    one ZIP that contains two airports in one bundle at one price,
    so that this is listed as one single product at the Marketplace containing
    two separate airports. Is it possible to do this? Best regards, Jerome

@PILOTS_Development In SU10, no, it’s
not possible to have two package that share one marketplace data, but you can
do this via a bundle in SU11 like I said above. However, it is possible to
have multiple BGL assets in a package (each BGL could be an airport) but I
don’t know if this will be accepted. You will have to ask your marketplace
contact. Regards, Boris

@Boris1 Hi Boris, I’ve assembled a bundle now, yet
it fails when submitting to the Marketplace, this is the error it shows:

I have no idea why, building
the bundle in DevMode did not throw up any failures. What could be the cause
of this? Best regards, Jerome

@Boris1 @SonantAlpaca
@FlyingRaccoon Could someone at Asobo kindly
offer some clarification on clearing this issue please? Best regards, Jerome

Hello @PILOTS_Development , Bundles and
Packs are not yet ready to be ingested by the MarketPlace tool and that is why
you saw the error message above. There will be a communication when this type
of package is ready to be ingested. Regards, Boris

Good morning @Boris1 , I’m not sure I understand all
this. Back in October 2022 I specifically asked if it was possible to create a
scenery bundle for the Marketplace that contains two separate airports, with
the question - Would this be suitable for submission? You answered that this
would be possible with SU11. Now that I have done this and it isn’t working as
expected, I’m back here questioning why, and am now told that ingestion of
such bundles is not yet possible. Sorry, it must be clear that we’re not
trying to create and submit a Marketplace bundle for a laugh and giggles, this
is of commercial value to use. Why are we not informed straight away that such
a thing isn’t yet possible? Being able to create a bundle without being able
to actually submit it to the Marketplace is completely pointless and serves no
purpose, has no value to us at this point. Is there any ETA of when such a
submission will be possible? Best regards, Jerome

Jerome, I am at exactly the same place and share your pain. I have a CGL only
(aerial imagery) scenery and I had to split a single CGL into 6 different
parts so that it meets desktop (less than 4GB) and XBox (less than 1 GB)
criteria. After going through the hoops to create that and put it into a
proper format, and after getting zero errors upon compile AND packaging, and
after submitting it to the Marketplace EXACTLY AS they wanted it, they come
back and inform me that the Bundles and Packages “are not yet ready for
Marketplace Ingestion”… So yeah… I am now in a holding pattern. Misho

@PILOTS_Development, @TerraBuilderTeam, This issue is actively being worked on
but was delayed because of the holiday period. I cannot provide you with an
ETA right now but we’re trying to make it a matter of days rather than weeks -
several of our weekly meetings will discuss the topic and I’ll make sure I am
back with a more precise ETA by the end of this week. Just to clarify: the
answer @Boris made back in October was correct at that time - the issue was
spotted late in the development process and the fix was delayed for multiple
reasons. Apologies for the delay. Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Thank you, Eric, for the update - very much appreciated and reassuring to see
this is a priority. Misho

Hi Eric @EPellissier. Can we get an update on the issue? Thank you in advance,

Apologies for the lack of news last week. The fixed pipeline is being tested
internally (at Asobo) before being sent to Microsoft (hopefully before the end
of this week). Depending on how much testing is then necessary on their side
and if we discover further issues, bundles ingestion should be available very
soon (unfortunately I cannot provide a set ETA). Best regards, Eric / Asobo

Hi Eric @EPellissier It’s been a while - is there any update as to how the
testing is going and when this feature might be available? Thanks!

@EPellissier any update on this? Thanks in advance!

@Boris1 , @EPellissier
Hi - I was wondering if you had any update on the status of Bundles And Packs
ingestion functionality?

Hello @TerraBuilderTeam , The ingestion
of Bundles and Packs has started. I invite you to get in touch with your
Microsoft contact via Teams for more details. Regards, Boris

That’s great news, thanks @Boris1 !!