Critical Altitude setting in Engine Config seems to be bugged

Hello Team Asobo and Developers, I have a plane that has a turbocharged
engine. When I set my 'critical_altitude= ’ to its proper altitude (25000
feet), my engine spools up after about 30 or 40 seconds to 1200 RPM. RPM idle
is between 500 and 600. So I start the engine, and engine after a moment idles
up to 1200. I had my 'critical_altitude= ’ setting at 25 and changed it to
25000, and this issue developed. I didnt pin-point it till tonight. I never
thought this would do ‘this’, but by trial and error and testing an older
engine config, I finally found and traced the odd high idle issue to this.
Leaving it at 25 instead of 25000 changed it immensely. * From the config;
critical_altitude = 25 ; Altitude to which the turbocharger will provide max
design manifold pressure (feet) I believe this might be a bug and wish to
report it. Bill Lionheart Creations

Setting altitude to 11000 feet seems to have fixed the issue. We also had
settings for MP at the following; max_design_mp = 29.6 ; Max design manifold
pressure, (inHg) min_design_mp = 15 ; Min design manifold pressure, (inHg) 15
caused RPMs to rise up to 1200 RPM (also), but setting it to 5 on
‘min_design_mp=’ brought RPM’s down to proper 500-600 range. Aircraft properly
holds power now also at ceiling; 25000 feet, even with critical altitude set
to 11,000 feet. Perhaps, (my thoughts are) that critical altitude might be a
‘bubble zone’ where 11,000 is the highest point of the power curve area, and
25,000 feet is the outer zone where its still barely working, which would make
sense, if this is the settings in the sim. This would certainly be so in ‘real
world’. Bill LHC

Hello @lyonhaart001 I can’t find any limitation of that kind in the code.
Also, doing similar modifications on the Da62 for test purposes didn’t produce
any significant change in the idle RPM so I suspect there’s something else
involved here. Regards, Sylvain

I agree. ‘Something’ must be causing this. I set Ceiling at 25000 feet and she
idles at 1200 RPM. I set Ceiling to 25 feet and she idles normally, but cannot
get to 25K feet. so odd… But… Setting MP to 5 and Altitude to 11K, she
does everything she needs to do. So all is well. So grateful to have stumbled
onto those settings and that the engine is now performing its perimeters
properly. Hope all is well in Bordeaux. Bill LHC