Critical - WASM bug on Xbox when internet connection is unavailable/Requiring reinstall?

@FlyingRaccoon @Boris1 I’ve received at least two reports of similar behavior
with the Osprey on Xbox. Customers with internet connection problems/flying
offline, whenever the sim is not connected to the internet, any
functionalities that depend on WASM will stop functioning. For example, the
Osprey flight dynamics, electrical system and avionics run on WASM - if the
Xbox is off, these three would be completely off and non-functional, but the
Osprey can still move, throttle up the engines, accelerate and fly. These
customers report similar behavior with other WASM-enabled aircraft. I’m
gathering more info and will continue updating as information is received.

Attaching here both reports: “I don’t always have internet connect so I just
use the internet I have to download/update msfs. I noticed if I’m playing
offline on Xbox, the battery won’t turn on for the osprey, thus I can’t do
anything else during start up. If I start on the runway no screens are on and
rotors don’t turn but I can move forward and flying is super unrealistic. I
was just wondering if there was another update coming out soon to fix any of
these bugs, I understand that it just came to Xbox so I know there was going
to be some growing pains.”
" is this an error with fs2020 or the osprey, I
install the mod and things work good for the flight but after 1 flight I try
reload in and the batteries do not turn on at all, only fix is a reinstall of
the mod on xbox, not sure if
__ this is just an error with the osprey though
as I have the same thing with the top mach f22"

Bump on this, some customers are reporting that uninstalling-reinstalling the
product is required every time for the product to function correctly. Not sure
if this is directly related to internet connection, as I’ve been unable to
identify how to repeat this issue. “On series s unable to turn batteries on,
must uninstall and reinstall to get them to kick on etc”

Another report: "mfd screen sometimes blackening out so there is no display.
All seem to be related to the same: WASM only loads correctly after the
installation of the product. If the sim is closed and launched again, under
some conditions, WASM may not function. One of those conditions seem to be not
having an internet connection, as per the first report.

Bump on this as it is a critical matter for recently-released WASM aircraft.

Hello @vantech , We are aware of this issue and this will be reviewed, Thank
you, Regards, Boris

Have the same issue with the Osprey. I am always connected to the internet so
it is not only an off-line problem.