Crossflow Fuel Using Gravity in Either Direction

I have a couple of questions regarding the new FUELSYSTEM. I have a left and a
right main fuel tank that are connected by a valve and two fuel lines, one to
each tank. If one of the tanks has more fuel than the other and I open the
valve, unfortunately, nothing happens. In addition, I have another situation
that requires fuel to flow through a junction in either direction, depending
on one tank having more fuel than the other. I have tried a dozen
configurations including omitting the source and destinations and cannot get
the lines, valves, and/or junctions to flow when one tank exceeds the other. I
was hoping that this is something that should work and maybe there is a
different setup that I am missing and haven’t tried yet. Thank you.

Hello @MtnFly The GravityBasedFuelFlow property of lines will not have its
ff controlled by the difference in pressure between 2 tanks. It is way more
simple than this, it will just just constantly have this ff as long as it
finds fuel at the source. So if you have lines in both directions, it is
likely that you have gravity FF in both directions and your tank fuel levels
don’t change. To achieve what you are trying to do, you want to use
triggers : flight_model.cfg - [FUEL_SYSTEM]

With the TankImbalanceAbove condition, you can configure your valves so
that fuel flows in the direction you want as long as difference between your
tanks is above a given threshold. Regards, Sylvain