CTD caused by WASM module when exiting a flight in SU9

We’re encountering CTD’s in a couple of our projects that have just appeared
with SU9. In two separate projects, the CTD happens when the flight is exited
back to the main menu. We’ve narrowed it down to the wasm module; commenting
it out causes the CTD to disappear. Nothing seems improper in the wasm code,
and both projects were functioning properly prior to SU9. Is this a known
issue, or do we need to provide more info for the team to look into?

And par for the course, right after I post this, I seem to have resolved the
issue. It seems that a likely cause was SimConnect not being shutdown properly
on the gauge exiting. Perhaps SU9 is handling things differently then

Hi, Nothing has change about closing SimConnect in SU9. But, we changed the
way SimConnect sent exception and we’re aware that this change might provoke
crash in some situation. So, if closing SimConnect properly solves your issue,
I would say that it might be the same issue (not closing SimConnect in the
right way raised an exception which crashed). To be sure, if you can provide
us more info, it would be helpful. Best Regards Maxime / Asobo