[CTD] Crash when compiling WASM module

I believe a compilation error is causing the sim to crash when using Fast and
async option. If not using fast compilation, it hangs the sim/loads
infinitely. Dump file in hidden comment.

Hi You’re right there is a compilation error with your package which
interferes with some other system in MSFS for some reason and leads to a
crash. Is it possible for you to at least give us your wasm file (the ideal
would be the source code), so we can reproduce and tell you what is wrong with
your package? Best Regards Maxime / Asobo

Due to some internal considerations at the company, source code will not be
possible, but I will submit a previously known working wasm file that compiles
in a old SU update but not now. See hidden comment for link.

Did you ever figure out a solution to this @JoshC or @Arzop ? I have the same
problem in another topic here: [[CTD] Crash while compiling WASM module - MSFS

@Arzop The fix in this
compiling-wasm-module.html> solves my compilation issue and its working again.