CTD in Developer Mode

Hello Microsoft/Asobo,

I just want to report two instances during which MSFS crashed to desktop when in Developer Mode (SimObject project open, aircraft ready to TO on the runway):

(1) When in the Aircraft Editor, with the Weather window undocked (open in a second monitor for example), clicking Resync (under File in the editor) will cause MSFS to crash to desktop. Same issue with any other windows from the top menu open and undocked, like the Weight and Balance window for example.

(2) When in the Visual Effects Editor, trying to add another emitter under the VisualEffect block by clicking the blue and green Add button in the Inspector (under Children) will cause MSFS to crash to desktop. Same when clicking other blue and green buttons under Children. This prevents us from editing our VFX.

Note: The default basic smoke effect is spawned without issue and appears correctly at its designated node location on the aircraft exterior model. Changes can also be observed in the sim without issues (so far) when parameters are changed in blocks, in the Node Graph window, as they should be.

Thank you.

Xtreme Prototypes Development Team
Montreal, Canada


Using MSFS v1.37.19.0 (latest update), SDK 0.24.3.

Dell Alienware R15 AMD (latest update)
AMD Ryzen 9 7900 12-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
Windows 11 Pro (latest update)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (using NVDIA DLSS Super Resolution mode MSFS graphics options)
Multi monitors

Hello @AlphaReticuli ,

I was able to reproduce both CTD and I added this in our backlog.
Thank you,