[CTD] Is ADE export from stock causing constant scenery editor crashes in SU9?

Been developing scenery since Jan
and up until SU8
everything has been great, never any serious CTD during dev work for me. A few
crashes here and there after SU8 but with SU9 I’m getting CTD all. the. time.
Within minutes of starting to work usually. Drag a taxi node? Crash. Drag an
apron node? Crash. Scale an apron? Crash. Rotate an apron UV texture? Crash.
Resize the runway? Crash. Polygons are the one thing similar in what I can do
with them as in all the previous examples but have not yet led to any crashes

  • neither have painted lines. I emptied out my Community folder and have just
    been doing basic airport work and literally pressing Ctrl+S after every single
    edit - or trying to, have still lost work here and there between all the
    crashes because sometimes everything is fine for a while and I get complacent.
    But eventually one of the examples I gave above crashes the game. And
    afterwards the next start I never get asked to go into Safe Mode. Given that
    there’s not already a topic here with people complaining about constant
    crashes I guess it’s something in my setup. Perhaps it has to do with changes
    in SU9 that affect projects created by Airport Design Editor (ADE). My dev
    pipeline since Jan '21 has been to use ADE to create a scenery project that
    duplicates the stock airport then work from there solely in the Scenery Editor
    to enhance the airport. Since SU9 I have completed 6 flights with dev mode
    disabled totaling 14h39m (I vidcap) with stock, stock modded and 3rd party
    aircraft all over the world and didn’t experience a single CTD under normal
    play. To help the devs hopefully diagnose this I’ve attached the project
    directory that was exported from ADE so it can be checked for any issues.
    Furthermore I have 4 crash dumps from editing the attached project with the
    Community folder empty. They are named according to what I was doing when the
    crash occurred. It was not hard to trigger these crashes doing these things,
    although the UV angle adjustment on the apron texture was a surprise. Taxi

    [Apron node movement](https://drive.google.com/file/d/17NnWDXhZ0Uhwqek-
    tgZ9Ox_80RrMd2MZ/view?usp=sharing) [Apron UV tex
    sft4D9E_Zq1cNJ-2K4KJryQm392c/view?usp=sharing) Apron scaling
    a disc apron and scale widget)

Hi, These are device removed crashes. They are our most problematic crashes on
PC, we are investigating. Regards, Xavier

Well I normally don’t dev with any hardware plugged in but I tried with all my
usual devices plugged in and it still crashed. Flew a few more hours of normal
flight since I last posted and no issues. Very frustrating but I guess I’m
glad this only affects dev work for me at least I can still fly around. Hope
you guys get this sorted for SU10

  1. Actually there are a few posts like this since SU7. People experiencing ctd with the sdk particularly editing aprons and taxiways. Mine also does it now so can’t complete my scenery and we are speaking about ctd when editing in the sdk not when you unplug a peripheral which I also dont get. Let’s hope with the new “We’re hiring” campaign they can get some geniuses to sort this anarchy out.

I loaded your example, and did not have any CTD issues. It would be highly
improbable that a ADE derived project would cause any issues. What I did
notice on my PC was an immediate increase in CPU usage, and my CPU cooling fan
instantly going on high with the procedures you mentioned. This might indicate
a hardware issue due to heat. When did you last clean your PC? Are the cooling
fans working properly, or can they be adjusted higher? Are you over-clocked,
or could under-clocking the CPU stop the crashes? Does the PC have plenty of
space around it to aid cooling? Lastly, is your Windows version up to date?
Also, I do this occasionally: <https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/use-
files-79aa86cb-ca52-166a-92a3-966e85d4094e> I just did it after reading your
post, and SFC found and repaired some windows issues. Go figure…