[current beta] SimConnect Facillity data RUNWAY returns nonsense for SECONDARY_DESIGNATOR

While testing the facility data calls in SImConnect, I noticed that the data
returned for a runway contains garbage for field SECONDARY_DESIGNATOR. To
reproduce, just run the sample “FacilityDataDefinition” and inspect the runway
objects retrieved. Same happens for APPROACH btw, N_TRANSITIONS also returns
garbage. Anybody else seeing this?

Hi, I can’t reproduce this issue in the current version. Because you must cast
a memory chunk to a struct, if there is a mismatch between your struct and
your data, you will have non sense value. So, make sure each call to
SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition doesn’t raise a
SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_EXCEPTION (by handling it in you dispatch function or
easier, use SimSonnect debug console in SimConnect.ini). You might have an
older version of this sample, have you downloaded this sample using the last
sdk? Best Regards Maxime / Asobo

Hi Maxime, Thanks for answering. I´m using the latest samples available in
beta. I checked the struct, all seems well (i. e all variables have the
correct type, all are being added to the request in
SimConnect_AddToFacilityDefinition ). The problem is only in one field
(SECONDARY_DESIGNATOR ): instead of returning some value (int) between 0 and
7 it contains very big numbers (positive or negative). I´ll try the SimConnect
debug console to see if any error is shown. EDIT: no errors in simconnect
console. Best regards, Cristian

This was solved in SDK 19.2