Custom Detail Map - Projected Meshes

Hello. I writing to suggest the idea of having the ability to use custom
“detail” layer with our projected meshes. Perhaps through a grayscale map or
something similar? Thank you.

Expanding on this, it would be of great benefit for this to be integrated into
all aprons, not just limited to projected meshes. Moving forward, I have no
immediate plans on using projected meshes, as I don’t currently see any
sizable benefit over using regular aprons, custom textures, lines, and hatched
areas. What I do see are many projects that could benefit from a custom
material detail map, or even a handful of new default maps if a custom is not
possible. The very few detail maps we currently have are not suitable for all
materials, especially when you start introducing custom materials. Maybe in
the future, there could also be a way to expand on this even more for the
standard terrain textures as well. Right now, all textures outside of aprons
seem to use a single ground detail texture. By having the possibility to
define detail textures for dirt, grass, sand, rock, ect, this would give the
terrain a much more varied feel when close to the ground, especially if they
could be blended together. Much like how grass height and color is calculated,
I would think a similar process could be used to help automate this as well.
Maybe this one is going too far down the wishlist rabbit hole, but it’s on my
mind, so I’d rather get it out there!

Hi, in my opinion, there are massive advantages to using projected meshes.
Things like having full customization of your pavement in a PBR atmosphere
with masks and FX’s (like water puddles, etc), also dirt via procedurals.
Further more, we’re able to add “thickness” to pavement via height maps. You
might definitely want to look into the benefits. Albeit, more work, but well
worth it. Have a wonderful day!! -La Palabra

Hi again, here’s an example of how projected meshes can shine over the
traditional apron pavements.

So if I understand well the detail texture (neither normal nor roughness)
texture cannot be used for projected meshes? To be honest I tried only once
and I got a “Texture error” in the compiler but did not investigate the thing
further. Detail texture with normal would be extremely helpful.