Custom Jetways not loading in built package after SU8

I have been working on an airport project for about 5 months and until
yesterday after SU8 the custom jetways disappeared in the built package. I
checked the folder estructure and the simobject is there and it was exported
correctly, but once I load the airport nothing shows up

Hello @vpilotfs , Do you build in game or via fspackagetool.exe ? Did you try
to make a clean build ? Any warning / error ? Can you send us you package
please ? See the section [3) Provide private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Hi @vpilot ,

Thanks for your project, I built the project via fspackagetool.exe, as well as
in game via build all, clean/build, build and export and no issues on my side
exept warnings about Tangents, some textures and duplicated materials. (By the
way, the console ConsoleDLL.dll is not needed in your project and instead of a
fspackagetool.exe you could use a shortcut :wink: )

Do you spawn at the location of your scenery before opening your project and
doing the build ? Also, is there a specific reason to not put your SimObjects
in PackageSources/ ?

Regards, Boris

Hello /users/1182/boris.html, I will try building
again on a different PC. I spawn at the location of my scenery before opening
the project and building. I had not had a problem putting the simobjects
outside PackageSources. I can move it inside that folder. Does it make a