Default airport is sometimes shown together with my custom sceneries - is there anything I can do?

I think it happens since SU10, I had a few people contacted me that they see
default buildings/towers/hangars shown together with my scenery in the sim.
Apparently it happens randomly, at least I can’t reproduce it. iniBuild store
just did a promo video of my airports and I saw this in their video! Here’s a
frame. You can clearly see my tower on the left, crushed by a default sim
tower on the right side. - Why would this happen? - How common is this? I
know I had a few cases like that. - Is there a fix? I don’t know how to
respond to customers who see this. - Is there anything I can do to my
sceneries to avoid this from happening? All my airports passed Microsoft QA,
and I think I’m doing everything right, to the best of my knowledge. If this
is MSFS bug, it’s a very serious one that has to be fixed ASAP. If it’s
something that I’m not doing correctly, I’d very much like to know what could
be the cause.

Hello @RomanDesign , What’s the icao of this
airport ? Do you have the same issues at different locations ? Regards, Boris

CYOO Oshawa. I had some people recently notify me of similar problems at my
CYTZ - as I recall a person was seeing double tower and double hangar there. I
could not reproduce it. Some people see a disappearing jetway (Asobo standard
jetway link model, not custom) at CYOW Ottawa. Couldn’t reproduce it either.
There’s something going on with scenery in MSFS lately…

Indeed, something strange is happening. Can you send us your CYOO package
please ? We’ll try to reproduce this behavior See [3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

I had customers reach out with a similar issue. In most cases, if not all,
they had just purchased the airport and installed but did not restart the sim.
Once MSFS was restarted everything was good. I think there should be some kind
of pop up to remind costumers to restart the sim after a purchase. Trying to
use a marketplace addon right after purchase, is like putting addons in the
community with the sim open.

Hi @vpilot you made a very interesting comment,
thank you ! We will investigating on this Regards, Boris

This should be definitely sent for feedback as it would be great edition for
user experience to let the users know they have to restart the sim

Hi @RomanDesign , We have not been able to replicate this behavior. If you
know of any repro steps that trigger this behavior, please let me know and I
will look again. Regards, Boris

Hi, I just replicated the duplicated tower at CYOO twice, separate boots. Can
you please check again? If you load the CYOO and go to the ATC tower it says
“NAV Canada” on it, and you can see a frankenstein monster of two towers
merged together.

Hi @RomanDesign , Can you tell me the exact steps you took to reproduce this ?
Regards, Boris

No particular steps, it’s just there. I just have this package in my Community
folder and I spawned in the airport, then checked out the tower in the drone
camera. And there’s a mashup of the two towers.

Ok so : I was able to reproduce the issue. It seems that only the control
tower is affected because the delete command deleteAllControlTowers does not
work anymore. I will investigate this and I will let you know when I know
more. In the meantime, you can use a polygon with “remove OSM building”. It
will erase the default generated building. Regards, Boris

@RomanDesign I think I made a mistake here. I just checked again and the
deleteAllControlTowers delete command is working but it’s not present in your
package. Do you agree that you only have this issue on controls towers in your
airports ? Can you edit your package, check this, rebuild it and tell me if
it’s better ?

To check if it’s a
tower control object, you just need to activate draw debug here
and then you will see this red
cylinder : Regards, Boris

I had few people mention towers, one mention a hangar duplicate with default
airport, another mentione duplicate airports (all different packages). Those
may be separate issues of course. Tower at CYOO was definitely not showing
when I released it. I tested it thoroughly, and there were several review
videos. I know 100% this didn’t happen. Maybe MSFS disregarded the tower tag
before, and started doing it in one of the 2 last updates?

@RomanDesign , Perhaps these are separate issues as you said. If you have any
screenshots or videos of users experiencing these problems, please send them
to us, it might help us to see what’s the issue. I think the fact that the
tower did not appear in your first version might be a problem with the
building generation system at the time that has been fixed since. Did you try
to check the deleteAllControlTower ? Did it work? Regards, Boris