Default jetway models disappearing - please advise

I’m using the default Asobo jetways in my CYOW. They worked fine for a long
while, but then months ago some users started complaining about randomly
disappearing sections of the gateways - those are the sections that snap to
the round joints. They snap fine in dev mode, and sometimes look normal, but
often they just disappear. I thought that maybe the Ottawa signs that I placed
next to them for customizing the looks may interfere in some way, so I removed
them in recent update, however the issue is still there. What’s the problem
and how I can fix that? SFAIK there is no sample jetway object for Blender
workflow, so I can’t really customize and create my own jetways.

The problem has been reported here: and it was confirmed to be
reproducible, however it still hasn’t been fixed.

Wow, it’s been so long… This is a very serious problem. People pay money for
my airports and they expect jetways to be there. They report this bug but I
can’t help…

The problem is still there in the latest beta! I don’t have any path to
resolution. It’s embarrassing, I don’t know what to tell customers when they
complain about it!