Default streetlamp objects bounding box

I would like to as whether it is possible to finetune a little bit the default
streetlamp set. The bounding box in the editor is huge (approx 100x100 meter)
for some reason. When you place several lamps along a route than it becomes
very annoying because of the overlaping boxes. You have to click several times
to find exactly the lamp you are trying to select. When you have a busy
airport with hundreds of objects around it becomes almost impossible. example:

a lot!

What I do is search for all “Streetlamp”, make a group of them, and then turn
selection of that group off and it works like a charm.

Hello. I didn’t reply yet but we’ve added a task for this and the these lamp’s
bounding box will be fixed. Regards, Sylvain

That is correct. I do this. But when I have to edit the streetlamp itself for
example rotate it than it is a problem becuase you cycly through 10
streetlamps in the area until you find the one you want to edit.

Sorry Sylvain, is there any update on this? Thanks

Will this change affect how far the lights will be visible away? If so, please
do not change them. It’s so easy to group them and turn them off.