Did Microsoft break the rules of VFS and ModelehaviorDefs folder?

There are two default Microsoft aircraft that ModelBehaviorDefs folders. The
microsoft-aircraft-g-21 and the microsoft-aircraft-jn4. Both of these aircraft
have a ModelBehaviorDefs folder and the only thing in them is a templates.xml
file. My understanding of the VFS is that you can’t have this type of folder
structure as one aircraft will overwrite the others files. Am I incorrect in
my understanding of how the VFS works? edit: I am asking this because I was
reviewing the inputs tutorial, and they suggest using a Templates folder in
the root aircraft folder. I was wondering how to format the for files in the
Template folder, or are they automatic like all the other folder in the root
aircraft folder.

That’s interesting. Good spot in the Asobo source. I’m using ModelBehaviourDef
to share XML between two variants of a plane that has alternate wingspan, of
course using a unique dir one up from the base and that works with IncludeBase
as expected. The Include macro is only documented for the templates use case
though and AFAIK Include RelativeFile= isn’t intended for including shared
Component entries or maybe there’s a complicated choice between Behaviors or
ModelBehaviors tags that isn’t documented.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ You are right, it won’t work and the last mounted package
will have its templates.xml override any other instances. It doesn’t seem to
be an issue in this case as each aircraft defines the templates it needs but
it needs to be cleaned for sure. Regards, Sylvain

Could you comment on the templates folder. I don’t see it used on any default
aircraft. How does the include work? Or are xml file auto loaded? Possible SDK
docs update too please.

It feels like there should be a mention of ModelBehaviorDefs somewhere. This
will be reviewed and we will come back to you.