Disappearing Jetways SU5

Hi Team, We’ve had several users report that there are times where they start
flight and our jetways have vanished. Sometimes restarting the flight allows
for the users to see them again. From our troubleshooting it only appears to
happen when the user spawns on a gate / ramp.

The jetway stays visible if the
user starts on the runway, on approach or fly’s in from another airport. This
also seems to run alongside the strange ground texture

I am having this issue too with the jetways. And its not due to LOD’s.

Hello, We’ve been reported several issues on the jetway, I’ll check internally
if we also reproduce this one. If we don’t, we may need you to send us a
package for repro ; I’ll keep you posted.

Even our KORD Fsdreamteam (present on the marketplace) when loading the
scenario does not show all the jetways, for example if I upload a sitaution to
gates C in gates M I don’t have all the jetways

Hi, any advice on this issue if it will be fixed? we are getting many reports
of this. Thanks

SonantAlpaca gave some insight on page 2 in this thread: